With the new Open LMS 3.9 release comes an improved integration with the Safe Exam browser tool. If you aren't familiar with this tool, it is an open source project that provides a free to use exam browser designed to reduce or complicate the efforts of students trying to use extra resources on their system while taking an exam.

Safe Exam requires the user to install an application on their computer to use and this application uses the settings provided to determine what can and cannot be done in the exam attempt. More on Safe Exam: https://safeexambrowser.org/news_en.html

The new integration adds significant new features to the tool in the Quiz module which allow for the control of copy and paste, how URLs will behave, and more. The upside of all this is that there is a lot of configurable power in the integration to support lots of use cases. The downside is that when manually configuring it, there are a lot of new settings to learn. 

I am suggesting that you may want to make use of the template file portion of the integration. This allows you the admin to create a file from the manual configuration of Safe Exam in a Quiz and upload it to the site and make it available to all faculty who use the tool. You can load multiple templates and name them to help faculty choose or create the institutional version that all exams are supposed to follow. In any case, these templates will make it much easier for faculty to use this tool right away. 

Making a template is easy. Create a Quiz and in the settings open the new Safe Exam Browser settings choose configure manually. Make the selections you want and once the quiz is ready (has a name) click on save and view and the edit quiz screens comes up.

Once this screen is there, you can download the configuration. Faculty can keep this file and upload it into other Quiz instances on their own to save time, but as an Admin, you can upload the file on the site settings level and make it available on a dropdown list for all faculty to use. 

Have fun teaching and learning!