Today’s episode is part one of a three part series on Open Educational Resources, or OER, created in collaboration with OpenStax and Rice University, in Houston.

Anthony Palmiotto is the Editorial Director of OpenStax, one of the most influential supporters of the OER movement. OpenStax gives you a comprehensive and top-notch library of peer-reviewed textbooks and other curricular resources, all completely free for teachers and students.

With initiatives like OpenStax, OER has saved students millions of dollars by offering quality content that’s continuously updated and improved.

In this open and educational conversation we talk about:

👨‍🏫 What is OpenStax, it’s origins at Rice University, and what it’s like to be at the forefront of the OER revolution.

⏰ Why, regardless of licensing issues, the goals of OpenStax and OER revolve around creating the best publishing platform out there, for learners, teachers and creators.

� Why OER is such an important ingredient in discussions about equity in education. Not only does OER eliminate the barrier of cost for underserved groups, but how an institution like OpenStax can also promote diversity by actively working to fix biases and onesided or Euro-centric perspectives in the resources they provide.

� Finally, we talk about the challenges OER currently faces to gain wider appeal, and what Anthony and OpenStax are doing to help teachers bring OER into their lessons.