I rely on the CHLOE reports produced by the The Quality Matters team to help me better understand the challenges of delivering great online teaching and learning experiences.

The team and Quality Matters has produced a supplemental report, CHLOE 5: The Pivot to Remote Teaching in Spring 2020 and Its Impact that I found tremendously valuable.

Some key findings that struck me:

1. The LMS, not web conferencing tools, delivered most of the work

2. The burden of moving courses to fully online fell almost entirely in in-house resources

3. 64% of schools reported the move to online as "somewhat difficult" or "very challenging"

I think COVID has given a boost to the imperative to provide a great online teaching and learning experience (and for a greater range of courses), but it's been just that -- a boost.  The benefits of delivering great online teaching and learning experiences have been driving online program growth and improving access to education for years.  

You can get your free copy of the report here: https://www.qualitymatters.org/qa-resources/resource-center/articles-resources/CHLOE-5-report-2020