We are excited to announce that we have an agreement to acquire the largest independent Moodle company in Australia, eCreators.  We’re so excited to add eCreators to our team as they share our culture and values around education and customer service.  

Here are some quick things that you should know about eCreators:

  • eCreators has 28 employees, primarily based in Melbourne, and we already have 14 employees in Adelaide. Fun fact: Australia now passes Colombia as our largest global hub.
  • Our community is expanding! Organizations like Nissan, Porsche, Electronic Arts, and a number of Federal and State Government agencies are now part of our customer community.
  • eCreators will bring some amazing new leadership to our team, for example, Dean Saunders, the founder of eCreators, will be leading our global products organization.
  • eCreators has built exciting capabilities on top of Moodle (e.g. multi-tenancy)  that we can’t wait to explore together.

We’re excited about what this means for our innovation possibilities and the execution of our shared vision.

We'll share more information about this during our next Open Live sessions (Dates will be shared soon)

Here's  a quick video from Phill talking more about it: