A few weeks ago, the Moodle HQ team announced changes in services and plans for their standard mobile application. Moodle's main change is the proposal of paid options for the app, where the standard plan has some usage limitations and download restrictions.

One important factor to consider for this update is the mobile notifications, as those require an infrastructure running in the backend for the app to work. We consider that the introduction of app plans was a necessary change to support the costs behind this feature. Free availability was challenging.

We understand that it may have raised some questions about Open LMS and mobile support, so we wanted to make an important announcement.

In Open LMS we are encouraged to improve our customers’ experiences every day, and we do not want to transmit limitations over customization options and offline consumption. 

If you are currently using the Moodle Mobile app and you do not want to lose these features, we invite you to move to the Open LMS mobile app, which would include all the regular features except Push notifications.

The services and support for the Custom Mobile app design will remain the same with all the functionalities including the push notifications and having your own app in the Stores, you can see more details about the current Open LMS mobile alternatives in the chart below:

FeaturesOpen LMS standard App - FreeOpen LMS custom mobile app
Access course content and activities
In-App Messaging
Basic custom branding via CSS
Customizable app featuresUnlimitedUnlimited
Offline access to contentUnlimitedUnlimited
Push notifications feature
Your own App in the stores
Separated Notifications Server
Full app branding (logo colors)
Google Analytics

We created Frequent Answers and Questions (FAQ) at the end of the message for you. Feel free to reach us directly in our community:


Or if you prefer, send us an email to mobile@openlms.net

Germán from the Open LMS team.



If I am using the Moodle mobile application, should I pay something? 

Right now, the Moodle app is going through some changes, so if the site you are in doesn't have any of the new moodle application plans, the app will be affected by a few limitations. For this, you have the alternative to use our Open LMS mobile application and will be free. You can search it in the mobile stores as ‘Open LMS’.

If I created a Styling CSS file for the Moodle App, can I use it in the Open LMS Application? 

The new free moodle app does not allow you to use these styles, but in the Open LMS app you should still be able to use your own stylesheet, but you may need to modify a little bit since the structure of the Open LMS would be slightly different. You can test it on your Sandbox.

Would the push notifications still be available? 

The push notifications will be only available for the Custom Mobile App, we are working to estimate the effort to include that functionality in our Open LMS standard App in a future release.

What do I need to move from my app to the Open LMS Standard app?

Change the configuration in your Open LMS site:

  1. Enable Web Service function: Site Administration > Advanced features, check Enable web services and Save Changes.
  1. To enable Mobile access, go to Site Administration > Mobile app > Mobile settings and tick the checkbox to Enable web services for mobile devices.

To install the ‘Open LMS’ app:

  1. Go to your smartphone app store.
  2. Search for ‘Open LMS’ (previously called Blackboard Open LMS)
  3. Download and install the app from the store.
  4. Enjoy your courses and activities.

Invite users to download the Open LMS app, tell your friends and colleagues about us. The app is free to use.

When will the Moodle app be changed?

Moodle app has already been changed, initially, Moodle HQ planned to do the change on March 31st, but because of the COVID-19, they extended the date until April 30th.

My application was part of BB Open LMS, will I have any problem?

No, we are currently in the process of a massive update of applications, you should not have any problem.

At the moment I do not have my own application and I would like to have one with Open LMS, what can I do?

You can write to us directly at mobile@openlms.net