My guest this week is Kate Udalova, who is the founder, creator and driving force behind 7taps, which seeks to bring everyone into microlearning easily.

Within their first year, 7taps has amassed over 3,000 clients across a variety of use cases who love the beautiful interface and straightforward approach.

In this no-nonsense conversation we talk about:

⚒ Kate’s leap into creating 7taps and why she (and her partner) are “all in” on the microlearning platform

 7️⃣ Why 7taps embraces the social media format, specifically the “instagram stories” looks to deliver effective learning in, well, seven taps more or less

♿ The value of accessibility and why microlearning is such a great way to approach conversations about accessibility

 💽 We also touch on the more technical benefits of microlearning: Easier to update, manage and gather more data points

 📔 Finally, why this microlearning “point solution” is gaining traction beyond the standard classroom, but why that also means you should not expect 7taps to become a fully fledged LMS anytime soon.