Hi there OpenLMS community.   I thought I would crowdsource this.


Since the upgrade, we are spotting a number of visual display bugs, esp. as they relate to books.    The first of these can be seen here: https://openlms.tribe.so/post/snap-on-m3-8-odd-display-within-books-5f07c870276cd81879bb8618

Now, we are finding it very hard to edit books.   In M3.8 + Snap, the editing controls overlap the chapter titles that form the left-hand navigation, and the text is truncated.   

On narrower screens, this can completely obscure the titles, making it almost impossible to know what you are editing


I have managed to use CSS hacks to force these controls to another line, to make it a little better:

To mind, this is still imperfect, as there is too wide a white gutter on both sides, causing lines to wrap unnecessarily.


I am sharing my hack in the event that someone can improve it.   Hopefully, we won't need to hack it for future releases;

/* Fix display bug when editing books, where editing controls overlay text*/

body#page-mod-book-view.editing .book_toc .d-flex {

 display: block !important;


body#page-mod-book-view.editing .book_toc .text-truncate {

 white-space: normal;