Learners now expect great online course design and delivery as a normal part of any teaching and learning experience; whether it’s by adding flexibility to face to face courses, delivering a key component of hybrid courses, or in fully online courses.

COVID accelerated a trend toward increased use of online learning and drove a much higher percentage of learners into online environments at a breakneck pace, and in doing so it illustrated the opportunities, challenges, and increased costs of delivering a great online learning experience.

This move to online learning has been welcomed by learners, who are significantly more favorable toward online learning than faculty or administrators. According to the report Pandemic-Era Report Card: Students, Faculty, and Administrators Reflect Upon the Academic Year (https://www.bayviewanalytics.com/reports/pulse/pandemic-era-reportcard.pdf), 73% of learners “somewhat” or “strongly (46%) agreed they’d like to take online courses in the future. Even for face to face courses, 68% of learners said they’d like to see an increased use of digital materials or resources.

Open LMS believes every learner interaction with an educational institution is important and impacts the institutional brand and perception of quality and value. Great online teaching and learning experiences are now an integral and expected part of delivering every course. Learners won’t let us go back.