№ 63 Anna Sabramowicz, Learner Secrets

My guest for today is Anna Sabramowicz, an instructional designer who specializes in designing interactive stories. In this narrative conversation we talk about:

  • How Anna stumbled upon the art of storytelling after many years as a more "traditional" instructional design career, because of a contest that took her outside her comfort zone.
  • How storytelling connects to other critical parts of instructional design, such as assessment and scaffolding, and why storytelling "sells" learners on completing a lesson or course.
  • What options instructors have for telling stories at different levels - from K-12 to adult learners. Or, how to build characters that learners can relate to, so they can make decisions for this flawed individual 
  • Why storytelling works everywhere, for any subject at any time against a backdrop of cave paintings, documentaries and Game of Thrones.
  • How to get started with storytelling as a part of your practice as an instructor (at any level) or as a designer.