I see the potential for LRS and integration other systems. For the moment, we are highly focused to find a solution that allows us to democratize the data that is already available in Moodle — Watershed has the potential to be a nice fit.

Two massive features missing from OpenLMS reporting/analytics:
• Schedulable reports
• Historic analysis beyond courses available in the system. (i.e. Products like Intelliboard) This may be less of an issue for institutions who do not archive/remove completed courses.

We need automated reporting to:
• instructors for specific course metrics at key intervals (drop date, mid-term, final summary)
• instructors for summative course data over time (comparative data, baseline with others?)
• deans for high level data on students and instructors
• VP's with program/department level data
• students for self improvement over duration of a degree.
• Early Outreach Specialist - Proactive intervention for struggling students.

Sharing data and establishing "Roles" in Education is really tricky. Presenting specific data about an instructors performance may violate union contracts or exposing student data may bump against student record policies.