Hi 👋 Greetings from Southern California. My “zone” has been shifting, changing, and shaping over the years. I am not currently using an LMS platform. However, it certainly would make sense to do so. I hope to gain insights here!

My background has a unique mixture of teaching, tutoring, writing, supervising, technical support, and ministering. My master’s degree lies in Education with an emphasis in online learning. I have taught in a post secondary environment for roughly 11 years. Led a tech team at a credit union and took responsibility for technology training and support. I have served as a church administrator and helped in several ministry areas. I am a published author and am currently close to completing my first children’s chapter book.

I have played some with a variety of tools, but need to shake the dust off, and reactivate usage.

Since the pandemic hit, my world shifted to providing tutoring and writing services nationwide online.