Hello, question for those who have been using the Open LMS mobile app:
Have you found it to be worthwhile and beneficial for your users? We are finding a drastic increase for the demand of mobile access to the LMS, however, for assignments, discussions, and forums, students receive a message that the plugin is not available and to contact their site administrator (which is me). I have reached out to support who informed me that these features are not available in the app at this time.
Therefore, I am curious if anyone has found that the app is worthwhile for their users, or if it is better to leave the capability turned off? My concern is that there will be an increase in users reaching out to me asking for features to be turned on and made available that I am not able to turn on.

Have you found there to be user satisfaction, or has it been better to just have users access the site through a browser?

Thank you in advance for any advice and/or input!