Upgrade Season is upon us! Here's a quick overview of what the team has been doing to ensure these upgrades are a success. 

Bruce Wales as the Program Director and Tim Lock as Lead Developer and Adam Olley as Product Developer along with Team SDM have been beavering away preparing for the 3.9 upgrade season which is now upon us. 

With the 3.9 code expected to land in early June Tim has been been updating all common plugins for our clients and running basic 3.9 compatibility verification. We incorporate any code we have access at this point and run basic checks like using a module or question type work. Meanwhile Adam has been working with the weekly beta code updates to help get us ahead of the curve. 

Bruce has been developing the planning and resourcing schedule as well coordinating with Consulting to ensure that we have sufficient dev resources to manage both upgrade and BAU requirements for the remainder of the year. 

As you will all know, Niem and myself will be project managing the upgrades for our clients.  We've been concentrating on understanding and refining the workflow as well as developing and modifying supporting documentation, and of course moving documentation out of Blackboard systems and into the new Google Drive locations. 

We're all looking forward to providing a more integrated approach to upgrade management this year and we're confident the despite some inevitable adjustments we'll all look back with satisfaction at a job well done.