With COVID-19 restrictions in place, many institutions have moved to fully on-line instruction leading to a rapid increase in storage requirements and user adoption for many of our clients.  

We believe it is our responsibility to assist in this situation and help minimize the educational impact of this disruption. Thus we are implementing some temporary policy changes designed to let you focus on helping your learners and not worry about usage. 

Open LMS SaaS

For our Open LMS SaaS clients, if you are within your existing contractual active user counts, we will not charge for temporary active user and storage increases of up to 50% through July 31, 2020.  At that point, we’ll reassess the situation and clearly communicate any updates. 

Open LMS SaaS clients can review their current active users and storage levels via two simple methods:

  • From Behind the Blackboard:
    Log in. From the home page, in the top right corner under “What's New for…”, select “Open LMS” and then click the  “Users and Storage Data” link.
  • From your Open LMS SaaS site:
    Select Site Administration, click Blackboard Open LMS then choose Active Enrolled Users.

Please let us know if you want to take advantage of this program by filling out this brief form.  This information will help us plan going forward.

Open LMS Enterprise

If you are an Open LMS Enterprise client (primarily in Australia), where you have dedicated cloud allocation, we’d like to work with you to determine how many additional users and how much additional storage you may need to purchase in order to support your communities during the COVID-19 crisis, and we will double that amount for the next year to make sure that you have room to grow.  (Example: If you think you will need 6TB of storage and 2000 extra users, we will double that to 12TB and 4000 extra users for a year, for the same price.)

Open LMS Enterprise clients can view their storage numbers:

  • View current storage:
    You can view current storage by appending /report/coursesize/index.php to your site’s URL.

To discuss storage and user options, please contact your sales rep directly.

We are seeing unprecedented levels of usage and adoption, and the team is proud to be supporting you. We’ll continue to take necessary actions to keep you up and running without interruption.