Folks: I feel like lately, I'm only posting to the community when I need something...which I really need to change. However, today, again, I need something. I've mentioned a few times that we are trying to reestablish our digital identity for this new company, and many of you have already helped us by updating links and following us on LinkedIn. Today I'd like to ask for your help in a way that might take more like 30 minutes, not just 5: Give us an online review on some of the most popular review sites like Capterra and G2. In today's software world, these are more important than ever, and, as we relaunch, most of the reviews are either old (G2) or non-existent (Capterra). So, tell us how you feel. Please be honest and direct...while this is about re-establishing ourselves, we also value direct, honest feedback! Thanks in advance for your continued support through this transition!