We would like to share a challenge to have an open conversation about measuring customer satisfaction:

In Open LMS, we are focusing to provide excellent customer satisfaction, so in Consulting we started brainstorming to find ways to measure it in a proper way.  We found that often surveys are not completed by our customers, and pushing for the survey completion affects the customer satisfaction itself (what an irony).

With that being said, we've started reviewing how to improve the ways to measure, with a better survey, a few key points:

Key pointBeforeImprovement suggested
TimingIn the past, we had a survey with 10 questions that would take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete!Now, the new one has been condensed into 3 closed questions and 1 open for comments, which takes around 5 minutes or less.
Way to ask itWe usually provided the survey via email after the project closure, and wait for the completion, resulting in a response rate below 5%.Now, we will add the survey as part of the activities of the project's closeout session (or welcome to support call). Since our clients block off one hour for that session, 5 minutes would not affect the agenda, and our goal is to increase the response rate, to 75% or higher.
Setting the right expectationIn our last survey, we did not share the expected completion time, neither the reasons and following up with the surveyWe will add the main reason and also let the customer know the expected time to the completion
TransparencySince we were getting few results, in the past we hadn't tracked it Moving forward, we will share the survey total metrics to set a high bar for ourselves, and share with you all the average results in a transparent way after the survey completion

If you're interested, please share the challenges you had in the past related to the completion of surveys. We're also interested in hearing about ways you think we could incentive it. Through research, we've seen that in some cases, having drawings that include rewards like Amazon gift cards helped incentive completion of the survey. Thank you in advance for your time, and feel free to reply to this post with your thoughts and experiences.


Brigitte, Michael, and Germán from the Open LMS team.


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