An ongoing issue with my faculty -->  requests to build courses for an upcoming term earlier and earlier.  

My current process: 

  • I use templates to build the course shells -- these templates (these differ based on modality and/or start date of the course).   
  • once course shells for the new term are built --  faculty use templates or previously taught courses to import content
  • we have the dates plugin - so faculty can check and set dates for all activities/assignments... from that "report" page.

Recently -- some non-descript general complaints have been raised about the functionality of the dates plugin (buggy, slow, ??) and about challenges in "fixing" stuff after importing.

So -- As I prepare additional documentation/screen-recordings to suggest best practices, I thought I would reach out to this community to see what others are doing/recommending.  

Initial ideas -- stuff I need to iron out -- 

  1. use "course relative dates" (does not seem to be robust yet - still experimental for 3.10?  -- haven't checked this yet) 
  2. if a faculty member sets a template start date so it matches the start date of the new course shell - created for the upcoming term -- will due dates remain the same as what was in the template after content is imported; and how does this depend on the selection/choices made during the import process?