I have been meaning to post this here for a while, I apologize to those that might have been waiting for these.

As you know accessibility is one of the areas in which we focus for continuous improvement. We are both proactiva and reactive in th search for this improvement.


We have integrated Axe-core, an accessibility testing engine, that will help our developers when creating new features and functionalities, so they follow the AX standards.


We identify existing AX issues, by focusing on three main sources: 

  • Issues found by the internal team, when reviewing a new Moodle version or general functionalities.
  • Issues found by customers or final users that are particularly interested in improving the platform’s accessibility.
  • Issues found in the VPAT. For two consecutive years, we have done the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, which allows us to identify AX issues in both the Boost and Snap theme.

Our 2020 VPATs:


Boost VPAT