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Research & Beta Testing
Research & Beta Testing
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  • Open LMS uses research and beta-testing insights to continuously improve the products and features we offer and add new functionalities over time.
  • Beta testing is a great way to help shape Open LMS's future offering!
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All Members
BSc. Licenciado Física Matemáticas
Kelli Murphy
Senior Instructional Technologist
Debra  Johnson
LM Director
Sara Pakalapati
Business Analyst
Lucie Ossola
LMS Manager
Javier Lázaro Salcedo
Profesional I AMV
Eric Bryant
eLearning System Administrator
Madison Zimmerman
Community Initiatives Manager at Open LMS
Geoff Brewster
Customer Solutions Architect
Quintin Seegers
Training Manager
Courtney Bentley
VP of Services, eThink Education
Amy Tessitore
Senior Manager of Engagement Services
Kristopher Wiemer
Coordinator of Instructional Technology/Moodle Admin
Kate Dwyer
Director of Marketing
Principal, eLearning Advocacy at Open LMS
Academic Computing Coordinator
Scott Thomson
eLearning & System Solutions
Josh Manders
LaneCC - LMS Admin
Greg Bird
Moodle specialist. Problem solver. Trouble maker. Lane changer.
Jason Rodgers
IT Coordinator
Luis Escorcia
Developer kid
Shaun Boyd
Manager, Educational Technologies
Leah Knowles
Distance Learning Specialist
Ferenc 'Frank' Lengyel
Learning Technologist
J. Edward Ladenburger
director of instructional support and distance learning
Paula Thrall
GertensU Trainer & LMS Coordinator
Cari Redden
Coordinator of Distance Education
Mark Mickan
Staff DevOps Engineer
Brian Winstead
Senior Customer Support Engineer
Sara Flink
Director of Online Learning
David Puente
CEO eLearning Media
Francys Mora
Digital Education Senior Consultant
Phill Miller
Managing Director, Open LMS
Pablo Borbón
Senior Product Guy