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Jmol/JSmol: We've turned the Jmol/JSmol filter off due to a security vulnerability. As we had very few users of the plugin, we currently can't justify fixing the issue, and will just leave the filter turned off. But if anyone else... (More)
Tim Lockopen lms team
Senior Technical Consultant
Open LMS Enterprise - Cost Sharing for Turnitin Plugins Feb 2021 We would like to see if there is interest in co-funding for the reviews of the latest versions as follows: • Turnitin plagiarism plugin - 3.5+ (2020113001) • Turnitin's... (More)
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Niem Pageopen lms team
Service Delivery Manager - Open LMS
Overview of New Features in 3.9 Release

Hi all

If you missed the session from 22 Oct 2020, here is the recording link -