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Instructional Designers
Instructional Designers
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This group is for any and everyone involved in instructional design.

All Members
Natasha van Rensen
Fresh workplace learning designer, developer and adviser.
Ilya Gogin
Product Manager
Rudy Magno
Economics Professor
Tammi Kohl Kennedy, M.A., M.Ed.
Instructional Designer | eLearning Developer | Learning Strategist
DW Wood
Online Learning and Educational Technology Coordinator
Fouzia Riaz
Product Marketer - SubtitleBee
Tracy Parsons
Owner, Voice Over Artist
Kim Salinas
Assistant Professor
Kristopher Wiemer
Coordinator of Instructional Technology/Moodle Admin
Cristian T. Duque
Digital Coordinator | LMSPulse Editor in Chief
Principal, eLearning Advocacy at Open LMS
Shaun Boyd
Manager, Educational Technologies