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COVID-19 and continuity of education
COVID-19 and continuity of education
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Please join this group to learn about and share resources on how to manage and prepare for continuity of education when a crisis such as COVID-19 arises. All members of the community can share recommendations, updates and resources here.聽

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Webex plugin is now available with no maintenance fee! We know that some of you want to use the Webex videoconference plugin with Open LMS as part of your plans for COVID-19. We understand that these are challenging times, and... (More)
Visual representation of some tips to get started quickly with online teaching
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Zoom plugin is now available for Open LMS with no maintenance fee - Read more about this in the blog post from our friend Andy Braden

Transitioning to online course delivery: Quick guide and considerations

As Coronavirus presence has spread out, institutions and organizations are transitioning to online learning as a way for their students and employees to stay healthy and slow down propagation.

Under these circumstances, the transition to online learning is required fast,... (More)