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This group is for any and everyone who administers an LMS or some collection of EdTech products and services.

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Betty Cheek
Moodle Administrator
Hi, We just upgraded to Moodle 3.11 before the spring semester started. We don't use Conduit, instead use ILP. One of ILP's jobs is to push user's Moodle course links over to our Portal site. We use single sign-on and... (More)
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Fabian Glagovsky
LMS Administrator at University of the People
Hi everyone, new to this space. Nice to meet you.
Kelli Murphy
Senior Instructional Technologist

In my last position it was the integration with O365 and the LMS. This LTI allowed the teachers to create a file and assign out from the OneDrive integration. This action created a unique copy of the teacher's file for... (More)