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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions
  • Offer your suggestions on how Open LMS can improve and provide your feedback on existing features.
  • Our team will take all feedback seriously, however not everything posted here can and will eventually make it into development for a variety of reasons.
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Currently there is not a way for the User info to show the date last accessed instead of how many days since last accessed. It would make it MUCH easier to figure out "Date last attended" at the end of... (More)
Hi OpenLMS team, This suggestion comes from our customer PSA Corporation Limited. Right now OpenLMS provides a way to download Activity Completion as Excel/CSV file. The function is in "Course administration > Reports > Activity completion" PSA want OpenLMS to... (More)

Hi Alex,

The 3.10 MP2 will include the necessary bug fixes to the core code that will allow for the PHP upgrade to happen. The Maintenance Packs focus on the application code and the environment code can be managed independently... (More)