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Looking for community feedback: Saving jobs and helping teachers

Some teachers are losing their jobs due to Covid. These are difficult times for institutions that need to reduce staff due to decreased enrolments. We believe we can do something to help in those cases and have been discussing the... (More)

Brad R KochProduct Team
Vice President Product Management

July Update: Users & Storage During COVID-19

Four months ago, we announced temporary policy changes designed to let you focus on helping your learners without worrying about usage limits. Since then COVID-19 has continued to present a critical challenge to teaching and learning in nearly every region.... (More)



As part of our Service Level Agreements, the concurrence could be 100% of the contracted users already. That means that if a customer is having 5000 contracted users, all the users would use the platform at the... (More)

In the spirit of #oppeness! It still needs a Gmail account to join a call but could be very helpful in some cases.