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Best practices
Best practices

Brad R KochProduct Team
Vice President Product Management

New Quality Matters CHLOE Report Available

I rely on the CHLOE reports produced by the The Quality Matters team to help me better understand the challenges of delivering great online teaching and learning experiences.

The team and Quality Matters has produced a supplemental report, CHLOE 5:... (More)

Just to clarify, are you using course import, rather than backup and restore? If so, then this does not result in a full copy of the grade-book. I might be mis-understanding the question.

Importing will only create a grade book... (More)

We wish to all our community a great weekend. Let's celebrate this Friday by learning about one of the strongest education systems in the world: United Kingdom.

As early as the age of 5, the British start their journey in school. That’s when Primary Education begins for children in England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales and they take it very seriously since that early age. In... (More)

Are you thinking about running an exam online? Supporting academic integrity is a hot topic right now, so I have put together nine tips that you might find useful when using Open LMS to do this.